Contract Administration Conference
Contract Administration Conference | Healthcare Supply Chain Collaborative

February 6-8, 2023 | The Westin, Cape Coral, FL

HIDA Contract Administration Conference audience seated at tables

Improve Processes | Reduce Costs |
Achieve Pricing Accuracy

The Healthcare Supply Chain Collaborative’s seventh annual Contract Administration Conference brings together contract administration professionals from across the healthcare supply chain – distributors, manufacturers, GPOs, and providers – working together to improve processes, reduce costs, and achieve pricing accuracy. Participants gain ideas for improving their day-to-day methods and discover ways to collaborate with their trading partners to reduce pricing mistakes and rework. If you’re involved in negotiating or administering pricing, chargebacks, or both – you need to attend!

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Who Should Attend

  • Contract administrators: manufacturers, distributors, and providers involved in contract administration, pricing management, chargeback/rebate management, and other pricing-related options
  • National accounts leaders: anyone involved in managing GPO and health system relationships or negotiating pricing and contracts
  • Group purchasing organization (GPO) professionals, regional purchasing coalition representatives, and healthcare supply chain leaders: anyone involved in contract negotiations, pricing management, and/or supplier relationships
  • Department leaders from related areas including IT and finance
  • Anyone else involved in healthcare product contracting

How You’ll Benefit

  • Gain ideas for improving contract management, pricing administration, and chargeback processing
  • Advance industry best practices by participating in working discussions aimed at driving industry progress
  • Meet your counterparts from “the other side of the table” and build the relationships with trading partners that will enable you to improve joint processes

Kudos From Past Attendees

Evaluation Comments From 2020 In-Person Event

  • “For conversations with everyone in the industry to see how we can all improve the process – there isn’t a better opportunity than this conference.”
    —Molly McLaughlin, Contract Administration Supervisor, AliMed
  • “If you want industry standards and solutions, this is the conference to attend because it collaboratively brings together suppliers, providers and GPOs to create the solutions.”
    —Melanie Proctor, Senior Director, Supply Chain Data Management, Premier, Inc.
  • “A great way to collaborate to address standardization and solve common pain points.”
    —Jennifer Whitehead, Sr. Manager, Chargebacks, McKesson Medical-Surgical

Evaluation Comments From 2021 Virtual Event

  • “The ability to collaborate together and share ideas is invaluable. Even though some of the topics are painful, it is refreshing to hear everyone is experiencing the same issues where an industry standard can help everyone eliminate some of the bottlenecks in the contracts admin process.”
  • “The combined knowledge of the participants in the HIDA conference really allows us to evaluate the opportunities for improvement. Gives an opportunity to bring forward standardization requests that will help reduce discrepancies and get pricing to market quicker.” 

Distributor Contact:

Kelley Taft

Kelley Taft»
Senior Director, Membership

Manufacturer Contact:

Cindy Chen

Cindy Chen, MS»
Director, Associates Program

Sponsorship Contact:

Esha Bell

Esha Bell»

Senior Manager, Conferences


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